Fire Extinguishers

Suitable Fire extinguishers can protect your home and save lives.

Even with a monitored alarm system which incorporates smoke / fire detection monitors, a small fire in a house can quickly spread and get out of control.

Even if a fire is detected and the monitoring station alerts the Fire Brigade, it can often take quite a while for the fire engine to reach your house. In this time a small fire may have turned into a blazing inferno.

Very few houses contain are equipped with adequate extinguishers.

 If a small fire is detected and the detector sounds, it is possible that if the fire is  attacked with an appropriate extinguishers, it can often be put out within minutes saving literally thousands of pounds worth of damage and all the heartache which goes with it.

Extinguishers are reasonably cheap and  therefore a very worthwhile investment and add to your home security.

Remember, you should only attempt to put out a fire if it is safe to do so.

Many people put out small fires in their homes quite safely. Sadly, however, some people die or are injured by tackling a fire which is beyond their capabilities. Here is a simple home fire code to help you decide whether to put out or get out.

bulletOnly tackle a fire in its very early stages.
bulletAlways put your own and other peoples safety first. Make sure you can escape if you need to and never let a fire block your exit.
bulletExtinguishers are only for fighting a fire in its very early stages. Never tackle a fire with extinguishers if it is starting to spread or has spread to other items in the room or if the room is filling with smoke. Around 70% of fire deaths are caused by people being overcome by smoke and fumes.
bulletIf you cannot put out the fire or if your extinguishers becomes empty, get out and get everyone else out of the building immediately, closing all doors behind you as you go. Then telephone the fire brigade.

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