A permanent feature of daily life, CCTV now fulfils a crucial role in both crime prevention and detection. Instantly recognisable whether fitted internally or externally, CCTV cameras provide a visible and effective deterrent round the clock and all year round.

ITS Home Security is a SSAIB approved one-stop supplier  for systems ranging from small 1-4 camera set-ups to the most sophisticated remotely monitored and controlled multi camera networks for more advanced applications.

ITS offer the full range of CCTV equipment including mono and colour cameras and monitors, Super VHS time-lapse video recorders, camera switchers and multiplexers.

Available enhancements include cameras with full pan/tilt/zoom facilities, low light cameras and infrared lighting for night time applications.  Video transmissions via ISDN lines enable camera  networks to be monitored from a secure central station, and  also allows two way speech with intruders.

Fully integrated with an access control system, CCTV can provide an effective and permanent record of all callers and potential intruders.

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